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Technology development is exponential. With each new development, the door is opened for dozens more. Naturally, that means now is the time to appreciate (and potentially invest in) new-age tech.

While the last couple of years have been difficult for most businesses, tech startups saw an increase overall. This is partly due to the need for new technology to support remote business operations. It is also partially fueled by consumer interest.

Tech Unicorns

In the investing world, tech startups companies that do shockingly well are called tech unicorns. These companies are already worth one billion dollars – or more. Naturally, companies, investment firms, and individuals are seeking to find a tech unicorn in the early stages for maximum benefits.

According to at least one study, the early months of 2020 caused the formation of twenty new tech unicorns. If this trend continues, the number of tech unicorns out there will be impressive. 

Tech Investing

Perhaps part of the reason why tech startups are doing so well right now is that everyone wants to invest in them. The amount of money going into tech-oriented companies has doubled within the last few months and will likely continue to increase.

Furthermore, tech companies that seek to solve a functional problem in today’s society are more likely to succeed – especially if they succeed in doing so. Currently, there is an increased demand for remote accessibility tools, higher levels of medical care (remote healthcare included), and security.

Tech Startups Worth Watching

It can be challenging to predict which companies will succeed and which will flounder. Yet, business experts have compiled a list of the top tech companies worth keeping an eye on. These businesses include Zenobe Energy, Kazoo, Octopus Energy, and Karma Kitchen.

If we circle back to the points made earlier, it’s simple to spot the trend in rising tech stars. Companies such as Kraydel make it easier for people to turn their TV into a video conference. While companies such as SuperCarers and Vida help connect patients with the medical professionals, they need.

When it comes to finding a company worth investing in, consider the modern problems that society is facing. Then turn to the companies seeking out solutions.

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