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Social media has exploded in importance over the years. Fifteen years ago, sites like Facebook were small and relatively unknown; none of them influenced our society quite like they do in 2021. Now, social media platforms have become integral not just in how we socialize with each other but also in how businesses become known. Traditional marketing has fallen to the wayside in favor of marketing online, meaning that business owners need to know how to promote themselves online if they want to succeed.

Though it might be intimidating, promoting your business on social media is relatively simple with the right tools. Here are a few ways to effectively promote yourself online.

Choosing Platforms

Not every social media platform is fit for every business. Different platforms are used for different purposes—an artist is going to promote their work on DeviantArt or Tumblr rather than beBee or Angel List. What customer base does your business have? It’s crucial to have this answer so you can promote your business on the right platform. Once you know your customer base, determine what sites your customer base likely uses and make an account for yourself there. 

It’s even easier if the platforms you choose have mobile apps: you can update your page no matter where you are.

Don’t Over-Promote

Social media isn’t a place where you can shove promotions for your business in every post you make. That comes across as regular advertising, which will drive your audience away. Instead of focusing on creating advertisements, create content that your customers will enjoy and want to see. One good way to regulate content versus promotion is following the one-in-seven rule: for each promotional post you make, six other posts should be content-based. These can be articles, videos, or even questions. 

Engage With Your Audience

Save for a few platforms, most social media sites are about engaging with your audience. The word social is in the title for a reason, after all. Businesses should interact with their customers and encourage customers to engage with them in return; this will draw in their interest and make your business stand out. Do this by posting content your audience base wants to see: videos, photos, articles, and more. If you’re uncertain about content, do some research and figure out what they might like.

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